Hello boys.sg,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story of a working mom without a domestic helper.

Life is tough given that I have to juggle with many roles.
– A mom to 2 boys
– A daughter
– A wife
– A sister
– A chef
– A cleaner 
 And the list can go on forever………..

I was once a stay at home mom, looking after my 2 active boys and maintaining the cleanliness of the house. It was enjoyable and I had fun bonding with the kiddos.
Now that the boys have grown up a little, I decided to head back to the working society. 

I wake up around 6.30am every morning to prepare everything for myself and the kids:-
Wash up, pack the kiddos bags for school, boil water to prepare milk, wake the kids up, wash them up, change them into thei r school uniforms, wait for them to finish their milk, wash the milk bottles, fetch them to school (many times involving constant nagging and dragging the boys out of the house)…………. and then I head for work.

After I end my work, I will fetch the boys from school, bathe them, prepare their dinner, do some laundry and mopping, prepare milk for the boys, brushing the kiddos teeth, put them to sleep……….. 

I have no time for short naps at all. My only rest time, really… is bedtime. I cannot be possibly tending to my boys all the time and neglect the husband. At night, we snuggle up for some couple time too. In between the day, I get calls from my mom to help out with certain stuff and family matters. 

I really want give a shout out that I AM A SUPERMOM but that is far from the truth. I have so much to learn, not even close to being SUPER yet. 

The perks of a stay at home mom and a working mom are quite different but each has its own beauty. I learnt that I need to appreciate whatever I am doing right now.
It’s my love and commitment towards my family. It is definitely possible to do without a helper at home. I set my daily, weekly and monthly chores roster and follow them as closely as possible so that I will not feel overwhelmed by the house chores. On my off days, I tell myself to rest and just recharge. I try to go for a swim weekly so as to strengthen my overall health. All these can be done!! Just take a deep breath, plan your time well and we can all accomplish this together! 

Hope my sharing gives you that slight boost in your life! Enjoy Life, Enjoy Family and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF!

A working mom