This morning, we chanced upon an article on parents buying toys for their children because they felt that they did not spend enough time with them. It is common for many of us to feel that way especially when we have to travel overseas for regional meetings or conferences and have no choice but to leave the children under someone else’s care. 

At, we do not advocate impulsive purchase of toys. There are many toys which are extremely educational with many ways of playing with it. We believe that as parents, we need to be selective when choosing a toy as a gift for the boys! boys love precision! boys love challenges! and they love to win! Do we see some of you nodding your head subconsciously or madly agreeing with us inside of you?

So today, we are going to introduce a classic toy that you can spend some time playing with your boys:

The Cone and Rings


Ways to play-

1. Traditional Play
You may use it as a cone and get your boys to throw the rings over the cone at a close distance and then, increasing the distance between him and the cone gradually. The older boys will definitely enjoy this challenge! It’s a confidence booster!

2. Counting exercise
Get the younger boys to count how many cups and rings are there.

3. Colour recognition
This is straightforward. Teach your boys to identify the different colours and sorting the same coloured cups and rings together. 

4. Sizing exercise
Educate the younger boys on sizes! Big, bigger, biggest? Arranging the cups from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa.

5. Stacking the cups
This is going to require some sharp eye power. Ask your boys to stack the cups together from the biggest on the outside to the smallest on the inside. 

Have fun with the boys!

Cheerios, Column Team