Today, we are going to look at a very common scenario which happens around us and how to educate our children to become patient boys.


The boy has watched videos and played games on his tablet for a few hours and the battery is almost drained. He heard the “beep beep” super low battery warning and started to whine and then, the tablet was turned off completely. He got frustrated and stomped into the room searching for the tablet charger.

This could be a common scene playing in our house. How can we handle this situation better? 

1. Restrict his tablet screen time.
Yes, we have read about it sooooo many times yet we do not put it into action. If you are the parent who allows your boy to have freedom in playing the tablet, you still need to set a routine. For example, after an hour of his eyes fixed on the tablet screen, your boy should go for an hour’s break before resuming his tablet playtime. If he prefers his screen time to be two hours, then he has to give himself two hours break thereafter. This way, he will feel that it’s fair and at the same time, you get to power up your tablet’s battery life during the break. 

2. Set the rules first
It is good to play by the rules and we need to abide by it, both parents and children. Boys are generally logical thinkers and love engaging in fair play. Rules can bring upon positive attitudes in the boys! Some simple rules that you can set:-
(a) no lying down to watch videos or play games on the tablet. 
(b) no usage of tablet while dining. 
(c) no throwing of tantrums when playtime is up.
Alternatively, if you are the parent who feels uncomfortable saying “no” to your boy, you may tell him this instead:-
(a) you may sit up to watch videos or play games on the tablet
(b) you may use the tablet when we are not dining.
(c) you may put the tablet back to onto the table nicely when your playtime is up.

3. Prepare contingency plans
As the boys grow up, they will be taught to prepare for contingency plans (this is especially so during their national service). We can start educating them on this too. Ask your boy to look into your eyes and tell them, should anything unforeseen happens or the tablet automatically shut down for no reason, you do not welcome tantrums. He should look for a solution himself or otherwise, look for other things to do. Teach your boy the value of independence! He loves it when you compliment him on something that he could accomplish on his own! Give your boy space to grow. Instead of offering immediate help, let him give it a try. Get him to calm down first and learn to be patient while attempting to set up the tablet again. These are pockets of circumstances in life that are precious for character building.

Let us know if you have other brilliant solutions so that we can share it within this network.

Ciao, Column Team