How can we better develop the honesty trait in our boys? There are 3 essential things which we must focus on:

1. Emphasis

In every situation that calls for honesty, we must place serious emphasis on the importance of honesty. Keep sending reminders to the boys on the goodness of honesty and that they should live a life of honesty. Boys’ minds work really simply. As long as we do not contradict ourselves, they tend to follow whatever rules you set. So, just keep reminding and keep emphasizing. There is no shortcut in character building.

2. Reward for good behaviour

Some parents are against this but we think there is no harm in rewarding good behaviour. Rewards can come in different forms. It may be words of encouragement, a simple hug or other physical rewards such as books or toys or a trip to somewhere fun. 

3. Be an honest role model

Be honest in our ways of lives and our young boys can look up to us when they think of someone who’s honest. Small things such as paying the correct transportation fares for them when they reached a certain age or height requirement, counts. Think about other little things in life that we have not been honest about it. Children pick things up from us real swiftly.

Let’s gear up to build a generation of honest boys!