boys.sg started off with the love for children and especially boys! We are the new generation of parents who search for information online and almost everything relating to boys. 

Most of the information we find on the internet targets at children in general. How about questions we have such as “why does my son plays with his penis frequently?”, “why do boys naturally prefer cars and trains to barbie dolls?”, “is my boy’s development normal as compared to others?”, “what activities are suitable for boys to play during their playtime?”, etc..

One fine day, an idea sparked and we thought we will like to carve a niche in the children’s market and provide a platform for parents to have a ONE-STOP easy access to information relating to their adorable BOYS! And tadah, the birth of boys.sg! At boys.sg, our information is targeted at boys from newborn to 12 years old!
We are probably the 1st in Singapore to do this! *LOUD CHEER*

We hope you will enjoy your time navigating through our website and keep checking back for more updates and good deals!

You may send us your feedback through the “Contact Us” page to let us know how we can improve ourselves to serve you better.

boys.sg Team